About IGB

The Integrated Genome Browser (IGB, pronounced Ig-Bee) is a fast, flexible, and free desktop genome browser. First developed at Affymetrix in 2001 to support visual analytics of genome tiling arrays, IGB provides an advanced, highly customizable environment for exploring and analyzing large-scale genomic data sets.

Using IGB, you can:

If you use IGB in your research, please cite:

Freese NH, Norris DC, Loraine AE.

Integrated genome browser: visual analytics platform for genomics.

Bioinformatics. Epub: 2016, March 16; 1-7. 10.1093/bioinformatics/btw069


IGB features

IGB lets you view results from your own experiments or computational analyses alongside public domain gene annotations, sequences, and genomic data sets, thus making it easier for you to determine how your experiments agree or disagree with current thinking and models of genomic structure.

Some features IGB offers include: